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Blue Chip Baseball Rules


All games will be played with Federation rules. Except where modified below



  • 1. 8u is 9 in the field. 9u/10u is 8 in the field at 46/65 foot distances. 11u/12u is 8 in the field at 50/70 foot distances. 13u is 8 in the field 54/70 foot distances


  • 3. 9u -Runners cannot steal a base or lead off until the ball crosses the plate. Rule does not apply if 9u and 10u are a combined tournament.


  • 4. There will be free substitutions and you can bat your entire roster. The least amount of batters a team can bat is 8 and thats only if that is all they have available. Teams that bat with 8 players, will take an out in the 9th batting spot every time it comes around. If a player is injured during the course of a game and cannot bat anymore, teams will not take an out in that position unless they go below 9 batters.


  • 5. Courtesy runners for the pitchers and catchers are allowed. It must be the last previously batted out. You may also use your subs as courtesy runners. If a sub has been substituted as a pinch runner first, then he cannot courtesy run after the fact in the same inning


  • 6. 7 maximum runs allowed per inning


        •   7. Run rule is 9 run lead after 3 innings,  8 run lead after 4 innings and 7 run lead after 5 innings. If a team is mathematically out of the game than the game will be officially over.


  • 8. Teams are asked to move games along and be ready to play immediately following the previous game.


         9. Pitchers are allowed 5 warm up pitches at the beginning of the game(5th being throwdown) and 3 warm up pitches(3rd being throwdown) in subsequent innings. If coaches come out to catch, these pitches will count as well.


  • 10. No infield is allowed after the first inning


  • 11. Pitchers cannot warm up prior to their games on the fields pitching mound.


  • 12. Higher seed in bracket is home team

 Time Limit


Pool Play 75 minute drop dead.

A.    Score reverts back each previous full inning unless home team has tied the game or taken the lead as time runs out.

B.    Home team runs count if time runs out when batting

C.     If winner not needed and is tied after reverting back one inning, then it is a tie ball game.

D.    If winner needed and tied after reverting all the way back to 1st inning, follow tiebreakers.



1.     First team to score in full inning

2.     If still scoreless and tied, then coin (double) flip to determine winner


Bracket Play 75 minute finish the inning

A.    Higher seed is home team. If teams are same seed then a double flip is done.


B.    After 3 ITB's Coin Flip (Double Flip) determines winner


C.     ITB (Sudden Death) Rules

1.     Bases Loaded with last 3 previous outs on bases (3rd   out on 1b, 2nd out on 2b and 1st  out on 3b)

2.     2-1 count on every batter and 2 outs

D.     Absent player is not an automatic out as far as placement on bases prior to start of ITB. Team will go to the next player in place of absent one. Absent player will still be an automatic out in the course of play when 9th position in batting order comes up.





Run Rules

9 after 3 innings

8 after 4 innings

7 after 5 innings






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