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Blue Chip 8 - Under (Coach Pitch) Rules

  • 1. 8 and Under will play 6 Innings or 1 hour Time limit
  • 2. 8 Runs or 3 outs per ½ Inning.
  • 3. 5 Pitches or 3 Swings , 5th and consecutive fouls will not be counted against the 5th pitch
  • 4. If coach is hit by pitch, dead ball and batter gets 1st base; no other runner may advance unless forced.
  • 5. The player pitcher (Or pitchers helper) Must remain in the pitchers circle until ball is pitched (one feet must be in circle). The coach-pitcher must pitch from 35 feet.
  • 6. While ball is in play, all runners are free to advance at their own risk. Play is stopped on defense by stopping the lead runner. Once the lead runner has been stopped, trailing runners must return or advance to the base they were going when play was stopped, the ball is thrown to the pitching mound and no runners may advance.
  • 7. One Coach can stand in the outfield on Defense
  • 8. Runners cannot leave the base untill the ball crosses the plate. ( No Stealing )
  • 9. Run Rule is 9 after 3rd inning, 8 after 4th inning, and 7 after 5th inning.
  • 10. Unlimited amount of players on Roster.
  • 11. Teams can bat their roster and Free substitutions
  • 12. Dead Ball If Pitcher - Coach is hit by pitch or interferes with play.
  • 13. No Stealing or Bunting
  • 14. There will be no "Infield Fly Rule" Or "Intentional Walk" For 8-Under.


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