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Team Info:  Magic Hoops will be a low cost year round basketball program with quality instruction and coaching for both boys and girls grades 4th through 8th .Teams will practice regularly 1-2 times a week at the Family SportsCenter and play 2+ games weekly as well. There will be short breaks throughout the year. Games typically will be Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays at the Family SportsCenter in West Lafayette, but with the possibility of games elsewhere from time to time. These teams that travel some will be part of Magic Premier which we will develop through Magic Hoops as an extension of the overall program.


Dates: Year round program starting February 7th

February 7th -  March 6th (Practice and training only)

March 7th -  May 28th (Games, practices and training)

May 29th - July 24th (Training only)

July 25th - August 31st (Games, practices and training)

September 1st -  September 30th (Practice and training only)

October 1st - December 31st (7th - 8th grade off---4th -6th Games, practices and training)

January 1st - May 31st (Games, practices and training)



Cost: $45 per month


Sign up anytime!


Practices: Tuesdays (Team practices) 6-7:30pm

                Thursdays (Training) 6-7pm (Individual skill work and speed, strength and agility) 


 Where: Family SportsCenter

                  3242 W. 250 N.

                  West Lafayette, IN 47920



Pre - Registration Form:


Players Name____________________ Grade 2016/17_____ Age_____   D.O.B _____________                                                


T - Shirt/Shorts Size____________


School attending__________________________________


Parent or Guardian's Name_______________________________________________________




Home Phone_________________________________ Cell Phone_________________________


Email Address___________________________________________________________________


*You do not need to pay anything now, but if you do, make checks out to Indiana Magic and mail to :


6925 Baldwin Dr. E.

Battle Ground, IN 47920


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